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Apprenticeship posts

You can choose between two professional opportunities of four-, respectively

Apprenticeship posts

You can choose between two professional opportunities of four-, respectively three years period of education.


He installs the electrical facilities and electrical connections for apparatus in homes and apartments in trade and industry segment. He takes care of close links, starting by house connection to the end consumer. This includes the installation and verification of switch- and control gears, telephone, fax and computer connections, alarm systems, video monitoring. Wherever current flows, the electrician ensures faultless operation for both, the electricity and telecommunications sector. The professional requirement to become an electrician is the interest in electrical engineering and handcrafted works. A good spatial power of imagination and reading of plans facilitate the work. Handling with electricity holds risks, therefore is a cautious and reliable work important. Manual skills and work in any weather are also required. The activity of the installation teams requires team spirit, adaptability and tolerance. The electrician training lasts four years and it includes practical work at the training company, and the theoretical training at a vocational training school. Furthermore, introductory courses are held annually, during the course of several weeks. Subsequently, the way to the attractive training and development oportunities is free.

Installation electrician

The practical training is essentially the same as the one of an electrician, whereby complex work procedure or the whole operating range, such as telematics, are left out. The training is supplemented with several weeks of introductory courses. Once per week, primarily occupational studies are taught at the at the vocational school. Apprenticeships as an installation electrician is correspondingly shorter and lasts three years. Through the biennial and supplemental apprenticeship as an electrician, further career opportunities exist.


Do you feel addressed by the mentioned professions? Then we recommend you to conclude your traineeship previously. Through the practical work you can find out if this profession is the right one for you. Our fields of activity are in Basel-Stadt (4000, 4051 ,4052 ,4053, 4054, 4055, 4056, 4057, 4058 and 4059), Allschwil, Schönenbuch, Binningen, Oberwil, Therwil, Bottmingen, Muttenz, Pratteln, Frenkendorf, Füllinsdorf, Liestal, Reinach, Dornach, Aesch, Arlesheim, Münchenstein und Birsfelden. Would you like to try it out? Then we firstly require the following documents from you:

  • job application with resume
  • photo
  • the desired start of your traineeship
  • copies of certificates

Vocational Training Concept

Further information about electrical professions can be seen at:

  • - the Association of Swiss Electrical Installation Companies
  • - the Association of Basel Electrical Installation Companies
  • - the Association basic-check Switzerland (aptitude tests)

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